About us

Pharma Service was established in 1982.

Pharma Service was established in 1982 by Dr. Hassan Al Nimer as Pharmaceutical/Medical Distributor. Through the efforts and persistence of its team, Pharma Service has grown over the past 38 years to become one of the leading organizations in the field of Consumer Health Products and Medical Devices.

With the licensed distribution rights of many international brands, PSC takes great pride in its commitment to stakeholders and its pledge to never waver on its core values that we instilled by the our founder, the late Dr. Hassan Al Nimer.

Our core values


Understanding that our employees are important. So are their families. That’s why we offer an exceptional balance of work and life.


Display integrity with every task performed.


Always be accountable for your actions.


In a highly competitive industry, we will continue to strengthen and improve on our ability to always provide value-driven, unique and high-quality product that reflect our organization culture.


To be the regions best agency at identifying and expressing the single most relevant message for the brands we represent, and strategically act in their best interest without fear or compromising the core values that make us who we are.

Our strategic objectives:

  1. To continuously improve client and customer satisfaction: always remembering that we have mutual interests.
  2. Expand geographically: always work to supply our products to new markets.
  3. Develop innovative services and products: we at PSC have an eye for unique products. To create change, you must do something new.
  4. Ensuring whatever we do is sustainable and efficient for the best interest of all our of stakeholders.