Hot water bottle

Helps Relieve Muscle Pain, Back Pain, Cramps and many more!

What is a Hot Water Bottle

  • Nimed Hot water bottle made of natural rubber and used to provide warmth and application of heat to specific parts of the body as medical treatment like pain relief.
  • Nimed Hot Water Bottles provided with fabric cover to prevent burning due to direct contact with the skin and keep the heat for longer time.

Hot Water Bottle used for?

To relief the minor ailments like muscles pain, back pain, cramps and more.

Nimed Hot Water Bottles relieves toothaches and ear aches.

If you fill up Nimed Hot water bag with half-way and put it in the freezer, then you can use it as ice pack to relief bumps and bruises.

Instructions for use

Fill the Nimed bottle in an upright position holding it from the neck.

Expel air by squeezing the bottle until water appears at the top of the bottle.

Screw the bottle lightly to prevent any leak.

Precautions and Warnings:

  • Fill the bottle 2/3 only.
  • Don’t use boiling water.
  • Use Nimed Hot Water bottle maximum for 2 years only.
  • Keep the bottle away from babies and children to avoid suffocation.
  • Store it by hanging upside down with stopper removed, in a dark and dry place.
  • Throw away the Nimed Hot Water Bottle if its leaks, cracked, brittle or faded.
  • Avoid contact of the bottle with oil and grease.
  • Don’t let the bottle come into contact with hot surface.