Mosquito Duo & Trio

Safe to use for everyone, including children

The World Health Organization has concluded that climate change is a likely contributor to these increases, which are predicted to continue as warmer global temperatures expand the habitats of mosquitos, ticks and other disease-spreading bugs.

Across the world, many people are bitten by mosquitos, a treatment that is free of harmful chemicals is hard to find. Even harder to find is a treatment that works!

This spray, can protect your skin from the following:




And More!

The annual number of people sickened by mosquitos or tick bites has more than tripled since 2004, according to the CDC.

Many of the leading mosquito repellants on the market today, contain a harmful chemical called DEET, which can lead side effects such as itchy, swollen skin and rashes. That’s not exactly a favorable outcome when you’re trying to curb mosquito bites.

Our team of experts at Nimed Ltd have created natural product that will soothe the skin and act as a repellent without the use of harmful chemicals. The Mosquito Duo and the Trio Spray are safe to use for everyone, including children.

What Are the Symptoms of a Mosquito Bite?

When a mosquito feeds on human blood, it pierces the skin and siphons the blood, leaving the individual with a red and white bump. Generally, the bump will become hard and itchy, but for some people they get small blisters as opposed to hard bumps.

More severe reactions may include large swelling around the area, as well as a fever and hives. For most people, mosquito bites do not cause serious illness. However, some mosquitos carry disease and viruses.

Mosquito Duo

The Mosquito Duo is DEET-Free and unique dual action product that acts as a protection cream and a soothing balm. The substance is designed to calm any itching or redness from an existing mosquito bite, and it is also a repellent.

At the lower end of the tube you will find the repellent that provides expert protection for your skin, while the upper part of the tube contains a wax-like balm. This is used to treat bites by calming any swelling and inflammation, and it also stops itching.

Trio Spray

As well as acting as a mosquito bite repellent and a soothing cream, the DEET-Free Trio Spray also looks after your skin in ways other sprays do not. If you have been bitten by a mosquito, then the spray will ease any itching and calm redness.

The all-natural ingredients within the spray enhance the micro-circulation of your skin by increasing the amount of oxygen that it is exposed to. By doing this, your skin will feel revitalized and refreshed. Plus, it could reduce signs of ageing and tackle other skin impurities.