Planta Lax Tea

Delicious Herbal Tea For Digestive Delight”

Planta Lax Tea is a herbal tea that contains 100% organic ingredients, with a wide array of benefits including relief for bloating and constipation.

Made up of medical herbs that will enhance your digestion and help purify your skin. It acts as a natural laxative for individuals that struggle with constipation as the substance triggers physiological intestinal transit. The blend of ingredients will help eradicate constipation and its symptoms, including bloat, flatulence, headaches and skin impurities

Senna Leaf

Cascara Bark





How the Ingredients Work

Planta Lax Tea is not like any ordinary laxative tea, it contains an array of ingredients designed to enhance your digestive system as a whole. Below, we have outlined the function of each ingredient.

Cortex Frangulae

This is a mild laxative that stimulates the colon and helps rid your body of a soft stool 6-8 hours after consumption.

Fructus Sennae

For individuals that have severe irritable bowel syndrome, fructus sennae will increase colonic peristalsis and transit. If you drink the tea at night, you will feel the effects around 8-10 hours after taking your first sip.

Fol. Rubi frut

This antidiarrheal and antidiabetic agent will target any skin rashes you have, and it can also help against dysentery, diarrhea and leucorrhoea.

Fol Sennae

This is a variation of Sennae that aids in the colonic peristalsis and transit, increasing the speed of the process.

Chamomillae Vulgaris

People who struggle to sleep and experience restlessness throughout the night will benefit from this ingredient as it calms and soothes.

Fructus Coriandri

For many people that suffer with constipation, they can feel uncomfortable due to bloat. This ingredient treats the pain associated with the discomfort and helps to regulate the stomach.

Extractum Sennae Deresinat

This is a potent laxative that is generally used by elderly people who have bowel issues.


As one of the most popular laxatives, it is hugely effective in treating constipation and it is also used to clear bowels ahead of procedures involving the digestive system.